Primus Racing expands to 4 car effort for Mid-Ohio

It’s been a while since we have actually posted a story here but we hope you have noticed some of the other updates including the driver lineups, results, and photos in our galleries.

A lack of stories here does not mean there have not been a lack of stories this season, quite the contrary in fact! The first few races of 2018 have been some to remember and in typical motor sport fashion, have included their shares of highs and lows. I won’t go into a history lesson here but the gist of it is we just came of our best F4 weekend of the season with our driver, Justin Gordon, finishing a season high 5th while holding the fastest lap of the race right until the very last lap! We also just came off of what turned out to be a very successful weekend in F2000 with our driver, Simon Sikes. Our F2000 weekend at VIR had its downs to begin with but we finished the weekend out with a thrilling drive from 9th on the grid to the final step on the podium, all while closing the championship margin from 25 points to a mere 5 as we head into Mid-Ohio.

Mid-Ohio is always one of our favorites and is definitely a driver favorite. So much so, in fact that we have expanded our effort by 2 cars, including an additional F4 and an additional F2000.

Mid-Ohio Map

Our F4 addition is a familiar name to the championship and after narrowly missing out on the podium at Mid-Ohio last year he just couldn’t stay away. Primus Racing Team is happy to announce that Jim Goughary Jr. will be back in the seat of his F4 machine and is very highly motivated to get the job done!

large (5)

In addition to Jim’s return we have also signed an additional driver to fill our 2nd F2000 seat. We can’t announce this one just yet but stay tuned, we will be sure to post another story as soon as we can!

As always, be sure to check out our other pages here, like our Facebook page, Primus Racing Team, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @primusracingteam to stay in the loop on everything we are doing!

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